Our History
          Mrs. Thanomkwan and Mr. Sunan Seehaluk are locals of Uttaradit province by birth. They are awarded the state concession to operate the Teak forestry industry of Uttaradit province since 1967. They had envisioned the significance of Teak forestry,the maximization of Teakwood material usage, and creating maximum counts of job opportunities for the local people.
          Consequently, in 1979 they set out to establish the Tha Sao Sawmill Limited Partnership, at Tha Sao Subdistrict, and the Tha Sak Sawmill Co., Ltd. at Tha Sak Subdistrict, Uttradit province, to recover raw teakwood materials left over from the concession cuts and reprocess them to maximize the usage of the stocks.
          The underlying fact was that the major teakwood buyers would select only the required sizes and shapes and refused the unwanted stocks which are, in most cases, refused by all other buyers as well. 
          Then in 1984 Khun Thanomkwan- Khun Sunan Seehaluk went overseas to observe and study the forest cultivation for economic purposes to bring back the know-how and apply them to their Teak Cultivation Project in light of the gradual depletion of natural forests justifying the replenishing cultivations for use as economic forests in the future. And they chose to cultivate teak forests, for teak wood is very well known all over the world. Its hues, and texture grains are simply aesthetic, with other excellent properties such as low expansion and contraction coefficients, low deformation values, sun and water resistance, termite repellant quality and most important of all the lands of Uttaradit Province are suitable for teak cultivations. And as an evidence, there stands a large teak tree which is the largest in the world, the age of the tree reaches 1,500 years and is being reserved as a tourist's attraction of the province. So they started and continued their teak forest cultivations and the number of the teak trees kept multiplying.
          In the year 2003 they started their first series of comb cutting the teak stocks from their cultivated forests as a measure of freeing up the dense spots to promote better growth, and brought the comb cut stocks into use by introducing the appropriate and necessary technology into the production processes to obtain the highest quality products, best suitable for functional uses, with the best fair-pricing scheme, under the brand name of TS teak. They also planned new annual extensions of teak forest cultivations with systematic and organized approach to bring about the highest efficiency thereof of the whole process, bringing in various technologies to support the plantations to achieve highest level of efficiency. Because after having reclaimed the comb cut teak stocks and put them in to the revival manufacturing processes, the products from which are now gaining acceptances of general customers. And with the universal awareness of the “Global Warming” situation, which all must take part in the responsibility of not using the wood materials that have their origins from natural forests. We all must contribute to adding up oxygen supply to our planet earth. And by the awareness and the responsibility as a leader in forest cultivation, all comb cut wood stocks from the cultivation process are to be revived and put into use with minimal waste and maximum usefulness, reducing uses of other natural wood materials that require hundreds or thousands of years to produce, supporting the concept of Sufficiency Economy, creating job employments for local people, cutting their chances of having to leave their homes to seek employments, building stronger family bonds and lessening social problems.
          As a sign of good fortune and auspiciousness, the teak wood products created from the teak cultivation forests planted by the
          originators are named as TS teak, which stand for
          Mrs. Thanomkwan – Mr. Sunan Seehaluk
          Return to Nature ...
          cultivate Forests ... cultivate means ... with ... TS teak ...